Do you have a great video ad for YouTube,
but need better targeting?

Sadly, you can accidentally over-spend on YouTube if you're not targeting the right audience for your message.


But now there’s YouTube Targeting from Veeroll. With YouTube Targeting, you can can quickly target:

  • YouTube users who are searching for specific keywords and keyword groups
  • YouTube users who are watching specific videos dedicated to the topics you’re targeting
  • YouTube users who are watching specific YouTube channels that commonly discuss the topics you’re targeting.

Sure, you could do this yourself. But to do this specific level of quality targeting would take you hours per campaign. As one of our friends who owns an ad agency says:

“Veeroll saves me a whole person.”

Instead of hiring another person, you can quickly do the targeting yourself and make more margin on your ads. Or, if you’re a business doing this yourself, you can save time and make more money with better targeted ads.

Because Veeroll is MORE ACCURATE THAN GOOGLE ADS in finding you the right placements for your YouTube ads to run on.


When you’re looking to advertise to a new group of customers on YouTube, it can be hard to find the right groups. This is called “cold traffic” for a reason – because it’s hard to get the targeting right without emptying your wallet.

What Veeroll YouTube Targeting does is narrow in on just the people who are watching the kinds of videos your products are aligned with. This way, you already know they’re much more likely to be interested in what you’re selling. This will INCREASE YOUR CONVERSION RATE.


Using Veeroll is DEAD SIMPLE. Just enter the topic you want to target, toggle between YouTube keywords, YouTube videos and/or YouTube channels, and make your selection.

That’s pretty much it! Then you can copy-paste or download a text file, which you then you upload to your YouTube campaign on Google Ads.

It’s that easy.


How much is your time worth? How much do you stand to gain from running better targeted ads that can be done quickly?

Well, we believe we’ve priced the Veeroll YouTube Targeting Tool at an affordable price that will bring you significant value.

Try it TODAY!

$85/mo 21% OFF TODAY!


per month

Full access to all features
Very easy to use
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