How to Manage YouTube AD PLACEMENT LISTS with VidTarget

YouTube Ad Video Channel Lists


In this video I’m going to show you how to manage your VIDEO AND CHANNEL PLACEMENT LISTS for your YouTube ADS using VidTarget. 



If you’re marketer or business owner it can be a challenge to get everything right, but it’s OK, you got this. You should do this because:
  1. Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to run ads on YouTube that are too broad and spend your entire budget too quickly, before getting the results you need. 
  2. So if you’re a marketer or business owner and you want to save time and money by running more targeted YouTube ads, you’re going to want to learn about targeting video and channel placements on YouTube ads.
  3. VidTarget is a tool that helps you find the right VIDEOS AND CHANNELS that you can target in your ads.


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  1. VidTarget helps you make narrowly-targeted VIDEO AND CHANNEL LISTS that you take and upload to your YouTube Ads account.
  2. The YouTube Ads and Google Ads system only allows this data to be stored for a limited time.
  3. There are new videos and new channels being added to YouTube all the time.
  4. You want to frequently refresh your searches and lists so they are up to date.
  5. You want to frequently re-download your lists to a Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet.


  1. Go to your VidTarget Dashboard.
  2. In the Navigation, click on Placement Lists.
  3. You will see your lists of videos, channels and groups to target.
  4. At the top, you can sort by List Name or Date Created.
  5. Also at the top, you will see your blacklisted videos, channels and lists. You can add videos to blacklist in the entry field. To remove videos from the blacklist, click the checkbox then “Bulk Delete.”
  6. Also at the top you will find your archived videos, channels and lists.
  7. There are several actions you can take.
    a. First click the checkbox (aka tickbox), then “Actions” in the top right, then from the dropdown select:
    b. Add To Existing Group. Click the list, Click “Add” by the name of the group you want to add the list to.
    c. Add To New Group. Enter the new group name, then “Save.”
    d. Remove From Group. Then Click “Proceed.”
    e. Delete Target List. Theck Click “Proceed.” This is a permanent deletion.
    f. Export All. This will export to a CSV file you can use in Google Sheets or Excel.
    g. Export All Selected.
  8. To the right of the list, there are several icons (from left to right)
    a. Delete
    b. Get Links
    c. Edit Name
    d. View Links
    View Links has additional functionality. When you click on it the new page has:
    i. Title, Type (video or channel), Link URL, number of Views, Likes, Dislikes and Comments, and when the Video was uploaded. You can sort by all these metrics.
    ii. At the top, you can filter out videos from the list that by these parameters:
    – Contains keyword
    – Does not contain keyword
    – Less than # views
    – Less than # comments
    – Less than # subscribers
    – Less than # Likes
    – Ratio higher than #
    – Date older than #
    iii. Also at the top, you can do several actions.
    First click the checkbox (or tickbox), then Actions, then:
    – Get Links. This gives you a TXT file to download.
    – Add New Links, then paste new YouTube Videos or Channels (one per line)
    – Blacklist Selected
    – Delete Selected
    iv. At the bottom, you can select the option of bulk deleted or bulk blacklisting.
  9. Group Changes
    For each group you can make modifications by clicking on the right side of the group title bar. You can:
    a. Edit Name
    b. Delete Duplicates
    c. Delete Group
  10. To create a brand new list of video or channel placements, go to “Search For Targets” in the navigation. 


Now you how to manage your VIDEO AND CHANNEL PLACEMENT LISTS for your YouTube ADS using VidTarget.



How to Manage YouTube AD PLACEMENT LISTS with VidTarget 



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VidTarget helps marketers and business owners save time and money by running more targeted YouTube ads.