How To Target YouTube AD CHANNEL PLACEMENTS With VidTarget

YouTube Ad Channel Placements VidTarget

How To Target YouTube AD CHANNEL PLACEMENTS With VidTarget


In this video I’m going to show you how to target specific YouTube CHANNEL PLACEMENTS in your YouTube ads AT SCALE, using the VidTarget platform, to get you very targeted ads that will save you time and money.


Why should you target specific YouTube CHANNEL PLACEMENTS?

  1. If you’re a marketer or business owner it can be a challenge to get everything right, but it’s OK, you got this.
  2. Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to run ads on YouTube that are too broad and spend your entire budget too quickly, before getting the results you need.
  3. If you’re a marketer or business owner and you want to save time and money by running more targeted YouTube ads, you’re going to want to learn about how to target specific YouTube channel placements.
  4. VidTarget is a tool that helps you find the best specific YouTube channels that are a match for your ads, then create lists of these channels to import into your YouTube ad campaigns.


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How To Target YouTube AD VIDEO PLACEMENTS With VidTarget


    1. YouTube allows you to target groups of specific channels that you decide are relevant to your business.
    2. This means you can decide to run your ads only on channels that already talk about topics that are similar to the product or service you sell, so you get a highly relevant viewership.
    3. You can target these channels by doing In-stream ads, which is YouTube’s name for pre-rolls. This means you can run your video ad before the other channel’s video content.
    4. You can also run Discovery ads on these videos, meaning they run in the Suggested Video area.
    5. Most advertisers don’t take advantage of this highly-targeted option, because:
      a. It’s hard to get enough channels to target at scale when you do it manually.
      b. There are new channels on a given topic being added all the time.
      c. Some channels allow ads, and some don’t, so it’s generally best to focus on more than a few channels, and yet not to many channels.
    6. VidTarget makes this process simple, providing you with lists of various channels covering topics related to your business, so you can be both highly-targeted on a specific topic, but also enabling you to do this at scale.
    7. The YouTube CHANNEL PLACEMENTS TOOL is best used together with the VidTarget VIDEO PLACEMENTS TOOL.


    1. Click on Dashboard or “Search for Targets”.
    2. Click on “Channel Placements.”
    3. Enter a word or phrase you think people would be searching on and enter it into search.
    4. Click the search icon.
    5. You’ll see a list of popular relevant channels to your search. In the results you’ll see:
      a. A checkbox, or tickbox, in front of each channel.
      b. The channel icons.
      c. The channel titles.
      d. The number of subscribers per channel.
      e. The number of views per channel.
      f. The number of videos per channel.
      g. A thumbnail linking to the channel’s most recent video, with the date that video was published.
      h. A link to extract videos.
    6. You can sort by each of these factors by clicking on the header.
    7. You can save one or more channels by clicking the checkbox in front of the channels you like, then you can follow one of these Actions:
      a. To create a new list, click “Actions,” then “Create New List,” then name the list, then “Save.” Or:
      b. To add to a list, click “Actions,” then “Add to Existing List,” then select the relevant list, then click “Add to Existing Target.”
      c. To get the channel URLs, click “Actions,” then “Get Links,” and you can copy them to your clipboard or download a plain TXT file that has the channel links in it.
    8. Clicking on the “Extract Videos” link for a single channel will open a dialog box that helps you save the top videos to a “Target List.” Then click “Save.”
    9. To view the list, click on “Placement Lists” in the navigation.
    10. You can make one big list, but sometimes it’s better to break out your results into smaller results and test one against another to see which one works best.My name is Dane Golden and I’m challenging you to learn how to save time and money by running more targeted YouTube ads. You do that, and you’ll be Golden.


How To Target YouTube AD CHANNEL PLACEMENTS With VidTarget
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