Discover how to overcome the iPhone-iOS problem that's hurting your Facebook and Instagram ads.

It's time to try targeted YouTube ads.



Apple is now giving iPhone users an easy way to stop apps and ads from tracking them. This sounds great from a personal privacy perspective, but there's a trade-off if you're a business that's trying to reach customers with retargeting (which most advertisers are).

Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram work best when they know your behavior, and retargeting on these platforms is now going to be a lot harder if they're not tracking your customers.

[REMEMBER: Most people today use their phones for social media, shopping, and websites.]


It's important to note that Google and YouTube also use retargeting. But YouTube, in particular, has one advantage: It actually doesn't have to retarget to reach a targeted market.

The thing is, YouTube already knows what you're interested in, because so many people watch YouTube videos to solve problems. And if your customer is watching some videos about a solving a problem that is relevant to your service, then you, the advertiser, can advertise on these videos to target the customer at just the right time.

So with YouTube ads targeted to specific videos, you already know you have a targeted audience, and retargeting becomes less essential.

At VidTarget, we help you find hundreds of videos at scale to place your YouTube ads on. It's called YouTube Video Placements, and since it's hard to get all these URLs into a group by yourself, we help you do this quickly at scale. You simply create a list, and upload it to your YouTube ad under Placements.

Even if you're sticking with Facebook and Insta, you need to diversify with YouTube ads.

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Tolis Dokianos

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Brighton West

Nathan Okuley
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I strongly suggest VidTarget if you're trying to expand beyond Facebook and Instagram and to diversify your paid media.

Nathan Okuley

With VidTarget, you can find hundreds of videos to target in just a few minutes. Then you take this big list of highlight targeted videos from VidTarget and upload it to your YouTube campaign.


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